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Forensic Evidence

UK’s  Premier Expert Witness Service

Our Services 

Drugs & Alcohol (BAC) Calculations

Forensic Evidence’s  experts can provide reports including alcohol BAC (blood alcohol concentration) and drug calculations and reports on spiked drinks and hip flask defences.

Chemistry & Chemical Experts

Forensic Evidence’s chemistry experts can analyse and report on the presence and significance of all types of chemicals or their residues.

Toxicology & Drugs

Forensic Evidence’s experts can prepare reports on drug usage, street valuation of legal and illegal drugs and substances.

Fire Investigation

Our fire investigation experts can prepare reports on causation, mechanism and analysis of how fire was started both based on existing evidence or by site inspection

Forensic Accountants / Accounting

Our skilled and in-depth team of forensic accountancy and investigation experts can prepare any accounting report throughout UK & Ireland

Mobile Phones & Tablets Computers

Our experts can offer examine of all types of mobiles, tablets and computers including recovery of deleted data for all criminal cases such as recovery of indecent images.

Psychiatry & Psychology Experts

Forensic Evidence has access to 2500+ Psychiatry & Psychology Experts covering full UK & Ireland who can provide high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields of Psychiatry & Psychology.

Bloodstain Pattern

Forensic Evidence bloodstain experts can provide reports on interpretation of bloodstain patterns at scenes of crime and on items such as clothing.

IT/Computing & Digital Evidence

Forensic Evidence’s Computer and Digital Experts can examine data, IT systems, hardware/software, digital storage, cloud storage and all types of devices for criminal and civil proceedings.

Forensic Firearms & Ballistics

We can prepare reports from firearms experts who has extensive experience of firearms and ballistics.

Engineering Experts

We have UK’s largest panel of engineering experts who can prepare reports related to all claims arising from building accidents, personal injury and defective construction.

Glass/Materials Distribution & Transfer

Our experts can prepare detailed reports on all aspects materials, glass and fragments transfer such as secondary and tertiary transfer.

Road Traffic Accidents

We can prepare reports on all types of accident investigations for criminal and civil cases regarding causation and mechanism of accidents and injury.

Facial Imagery, Video & CCTV Experts

Forensic Evidence’s  can provide detailed forensic reports related to CCTV and Facial Recognition for defence and prosecution.

Medical experts

We maintains relationships with a comprehensive network of medical experts throughout UK and Ireland representing all major specialties. We can prepare any medical report in 1-2 weeks in urgent cases.

Wounding / Mark Formation

Forensic Evidence experts can prepare reports on all types of wounding, shape of injuries, mark formation, analysis of photos, footwear marks, knife wounds and injuries caused by all types of weapons.

Blood/ Semen/Saliva Body Fluids

Forensic Evidence experts can prepare reports on all types of body fluids such as cell sheds, semen, saliva and blood and their distribution, presence or absence for all criminal cases.


Our experts can prepare reports on all types of evidence related to clothing to comment on cutting, tearing, stabbing and slashing and differentiate between fresh or recent damage from normal wear and tear.

Foot Marks & Footwear Marks

Our footwear experts can carry out all reports related to footwear marks and shoe comparisons.

Explosives & Explosions Experts

Forensic Evidence’s experts can help with all cases of explosives and explosions related to the Explosives Act, the Terrorism Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Health & Safety Experts

Our experts can prepare reports on Accident causation, Risk assessments and working procedures.

Mobile Cell Site Analysis

Forensic Evidence experts can conduct readings on all UK and Ireland mobile telephone networks.

DNA Interpretations and Profiling

Forensic Evidence DNA experts can provide court reports, second opinion and interpretation of DNA profiling results

Fingerprint Experts

We can prepare report on all cases related to fingerprint evidence for Civil & Criminal cases

Weapon & Tools

Our experts can examine surfaces, marks, wounds and compare with the marks from a crime scene.

Hair Analysis Experts

Our hair analysis experts can undertake hair analysis for all cases.

Medical / Nursing Personal Injury Experts

Our medical and non medical experts such as engineering, chemistry, biological experts can prepare reports all types of reports.

Paints & Surface Experts

Forensic Evidence experts can prepare all reports related to transfer of paint and other materials.

About us

Forensic Evidence is MEWA LLP’s dedicated Forensic Expert Witness Service.

MEWA LLP is a collaborative alliance of high quality experts who aim to provide exceptional quality expert witness service throughout UK & Ireland.

Our panel of experts’ have experience of working in many different sectors ranging from Forensic, medical, Clinical, health and social care. We provide cost effective nationwide expert witness service for all forensic and medical specialities with input from established independent experts

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