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Our Computer and Digital Experts’ can help all aspects of IT and Computer analysis to help with intellectual property theft, criminal law, commercial and industrial espionage and other civil claims
Our experts can help defence and prosecutions with expert witness reports as belowData Breaches- We can examine the relevant computers and report as to whether such restrictions may have been breached for Breach of Orders casesEspionage- We can screen PC, laptops, mobile devices, digital equipment and memory devices for potential data leakage.

Criminal Law- For extreme pornography/Indecent Images of Children cases, we can verify the classification of such images and draw attention to any case law that may be relevant to the charges for cases related t

Recover deleted data- We can examine the computers to recover deleted messages and conversation. We can recover conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter to compare with the statement of a witness, or defendant

Money Laundering, and Fraud
We can recover deleted messages and emails between individuals to compare with the statement of a witness, or defendant


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About Us

Forensic Evidence is MEWA LLP’s dedicated Forensic Expert Witness Service.

MEWA is a collaborative alliance of high quality experts who aim to provide exceptional quality expert witness service throughout UK & Ireland.

Our panel of experts has experience of working in many different sectors ranging from Forensic, medical, Clinical, health and social care. We provide cost effective nationwide expert witness service for all forensic and medical specialities with input from established independent experts.

For the legal profession, we provide high quality and cost-effective medical expert witness court reports in all fields of forensic science, forensic medicine, psychiatry, psychology and all other medical fields.

In addition we provide expert reports in all clinical/ health and social care fields such as Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. All our experts have in-depth experience and provide high 

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  • Experts with proven track record
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Criminal, civil and personal injury work
  • Experts in all fields (Forensic, Medical, Health & Social Care)
  • Affordable & Cost Effective Service (Insurance, Legal Aid & Privately funding accepted)
  • Forensic experts with vast experience
  • Full UK & Ireland Coverage

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Thank you. We were pleased with the speed and quality of the report and response to initial instructions.

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Thank so much Dr S's report in matter which is extremely helpful.


Thank you for preparing the report for our client. The client was pleased with the content of the report and the preparation time. Overall, very pleased with your service and would definitely use it again as well as recommend it to other solicitors.

Ramandeep Immigration Solicitor