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Our explosions and explosives experts’ are involved in cases brought under the Explosives Act, the Terrorism Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Our explosives experts can

  • examine alleged IEDs and their component parts and assess the viability and possible effects of the initiated device.
  • advise on the potential explosives applications and also on their non-explosives uses of items of interest.
  • assess the usefulness of documents and materials alleged to be of use in manufacturing explosives.
  • can examine items, check scientistsā€™ findings, consider the viability of manufacturing explosives or IEDs from the paraphernalia recovered, evaluate the likelihood of successful manufacture
  • discuss the potential effects of the end product.
  • undertake casework involving incendiary devices and fireworks (including their modification for illicit purposes) and can advise on their construction, viability and explosive effects.