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Our Road Traffic Accident Experts (RTA Experts) can prepare reports on

  • all types of criminal and civil cases involving the use of motor vehicles for offences with or without accidents/collisions, offences against the person involving the use of motor vehicles, and civil cases involving personal injury claims and insurance fraud.
  • can provide reports in disciplinary matters and internal Police & Army investigations

Our accident reconstruction experts can

  • take measurements, photographs and video drive-throughs of accident loci, examinations of vehicle damage, distance/speed/time calculations, assessment of lines of sight and road layouts, examination of CCTV/police video footage, and investigation of other possible contributory factors.  
  • can also evaluate a range of parameters using specialist software to model certain incidents.
  • We have provided reports in criminal cases of murder, attempted murder, rape and actual bodily harm involving the use of vehicles.  
  • We can prepare reports in cases involving stolen vehicles/vehicle parts.